Coast Guard to Retain Ratings System: Commandant

CommandantThe Coast Guard announced that it will retain its rating system inspite of the fact that the Navy is switching to an alphanumeric system, which goes against long standing traditions that were established at the founding of this nation, and for the most part, most nations commonly use in their navies.  Both the Commandant and the Master Chief of the Coast Guard related, “‘What would the workforce think about this,’ and it would cause chaos,” Zukunft said. “I cannot afford chaos when every person in the Coast Guard has a 24-by-7 job to do.”

The Commandant also commented on Espirit des Corps, Coast Guardsmen he said are, “very proud of the rating badge that they wear on their sleeve, so I’ve listened to my master chief and he’s provided me the best advice. So that was a very easy question for me to say ‘no’ to.”  The Master Chief of the Coast Guard is the chief enlisted advisor to the Commandant regarding morale, and crew related issues that have an major effect on the workforce.

One can only question if this is another “social engineering” effort by the current administration and the Navy that directly impacts long standing naval and sea service traditions.  The Coast Guard, while not having as many rates as the Navy nonetheless will not tamper with what appears to work for them and would have a negative impact if changed.